Convert setup executable to MSI installer package

Exe to MSI converter provides IT administrators with the ability to easily deploy the Executable Installer packages via Group Policy. Tool quickly converts any setup.exe to the Windows Installer file (MSI). This msi package can be used to deploy applications on multiple machines via Active Directory GPO. You can perform unattended installation of the multiple applications with one click. It does not require any special knowledge of scripting or programming.

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What Exe to MSI Converter does?

Automated Install
Repackage an Executable installer to MSI

Exe to MSI converter contains the repackaging tool that allows you quickly repackage .exe setups to the Windows Installer packages. An advanced scanning method provides fast capturing of registry and file system changes.

Automated Install
Automate the Application Install process

The built-in script recorder enabling users to effectively automate any software instalation process. Simply click 'Record' to record your install process. Recorded scripts can be executed in background mode without user interaction read more..

Deploy Setup executable with GPO
Deploy the Setup executable files with GPO

Created with Exe to MSI converter package files can be used to deploying the software in an enterprise environment.