Exe to MSI Converter feature list

Reference the feature table below to determine which edition is right for you.

Feature Professional Free

Using the Installation Monitor you can easily create Windows Installer packages from any executable installer file.

GUI Automation Script recorder

Record an installation script to automate application setup process.

Detect Installer type

Automaticaly detect most common executable installers types and their command line options.

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Command-line arguments support

The command-line arguments for an executable installer. For exemple, command line switches to initiate the unattended (silent) installation.

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Multiple installations in one MSI

Allows you create the package for unattend installation multiple applications in one msi file.

File System and Registry Editor

Edit file system and registry changes.

MSI Conditions support

Specifiy conditions required for installation the package on a target computer.

Per-User/Per-machine Installations

Specify a Per-User or Per-Machine Installation for the msi package.